October 30, 2008


My sister is leaving me soon... Her and Charlie are moving in with my pops. Anyone that has known me, or lived with me, knows that it is not easy. :>) Last time she lived with me we fought bad... and she moved out. This time... has been great, and I will truly miss her bubbly, spazzy self. I want to thank her with these pictures. Love you Stacer. Thanks for being my sister :>) ....

October 29, 2008


Here are some shots of Taloo Boo in her witches costume sooo cute...


So this year we have a new guy in our department... he is a stud.. and the kids love him. It is nice to have someone that shares the same teaching style as me, close by. :>) Tatertot (Mr. Tate) also offers a Wrestling 101 class... he has some mad skills. :>) Here are some action shots in my room....


So for some reason... A lot of the boys that frequent my room tend to feel that Michael is all hype... No matter that he won eight gold medals.. or has a whole Sports Illustrated devoted to him. But, for some reason trash is still talked about my Phelps.. so in the spirit of that... Maxi made me this note pad in graphics. Ugh !! Not funny... but kinda.. and he is not gay !! :>)

October 26, 2008


So my Shell used to be a Rebellete... We make fun of her for it !! She does this cool little dance in memory of it. So, being the good friend I am... I videotaped her doing it and promised I wouldn't put it on my blog... :>) Love you Shell, but I had to cause I always want to remember it. It is one of my favorites !!


A new halloweeny tradition is going to "Thriller" at Tuachan. It freakin rocks !!! We had an extra ticket.. so my Angia got to come down and go with us. I wub her. :>) She was thrilled with it.. and has decided to come down every year now.. to go see it with us. YEA !!

Before, in the middle, and after the show... they have zombies that walk around and scare ya. We posed with some... During intermission, I went to the bathroom.. and one of them said my name !!!! Freaked me out. I took a closeup picture of her.. and tried to get her to tell me who she was.. but she just kept staring at me.. Freaky !! I am hoping that it is one of my old students.. or cheerleaders.... Still scared the crap out of me !!

Tuachan is in the center of the beautiful red cliffs found in St. George.. it is breathtaking and one of my favorite things about where I live...

Growing up... I loved Michael Jackson. Yah, I had a Michael Jackson birthday party!!! Had a cake with a white glove on it.. and gave out Michael Jackson posters as party favors... of course that was back when he was freakin cool !! I still have the original video tape of the music video "Thriller". My friends and I used to copy the dance move by move... It is a classic !! Click on this link to watch it if ya want...


Got to go to the "What Women Want" Expo with some of my favorite chicks. Shell saw everyone she knows... which is everyone !!! Taloo got to spin countless wheels for free stuff. Stace tried to score some free Twilight tickets. Angia got her Bumbles.. and I.. Well, I just enjoyed being with my girls. :>)


Never thought I would see the day where pops would be springing for me, Stace, and him to get a pedicure.... but it happened.. here is my proof. :>) What was cool is that she comes to your house. Yah, he didn't want to get caught in some girly salon.. :) Thanks pops.. it be fun.

October 24, 2008


Tonight we played Snow Canyon and won... I got some cool action shots with my new camera.. I am trying out for yearbook. :>)

October 23, 2008


So honestly... most of the time I am not sad about not being married. The only times it is hard for me is my birthday, going to weddings, and sometimes at church. Yah.. I am retarded. So Brockster got married a couple of weekends ago to Kensey, and as much as I love him and Kens...I chickened out at the temple and luncheon.. just hard. But, I did make it to the reception. When I was waiting in line to congratulate Brock and Kensey.. Kens waved to me.. and it warmed my heart and reminded me of something that I had forgotten. Families come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Brock and Kens are starting a new family... I was with my pops.. he is my family... The MacArthur/Sharp and Crismon clans treat me like family.... I don't have to be married to have family.. I have tons of kids at school, my nephews, a niece on the way, my godkids, Mikey, Bean, Kels, Erin.. I have kids !! There are people all around me that are my family... they fill that void. So.. will I be depressed about it sometimes... yah probably... :>) But, I am glad that Kens waved to me and reminded me to be happy for the families I have. I wish her and Brockster all the best. They are both amazing people.. and I am glad to know them.