October 27, 2010

It's Thrillertime !!

Every year about this time... me, Ang, Stace, and Charles head on down to Tuachan on a cold, fall night, and enjoy a Halloween jig. Thriller is just awesome.. there are dances with witches, frankensteins, mummies, skeletons, monsters, and aliens. It is the highlight of my Halloween. This year there was a new dance for Twilight.. good stuff !! Can't wait till next year !!

October 22, 2010

King of Me

Lately I have just been.. UGH.... What is the word I am looking for... annoyed, bitchy, pissed off, easily angered, short-tempered, sick of being taken advantage of... Yah, those are the words. Seriously, I need to get over it.. cause I know I am only hurting myself... but, I am loving this song right now.. cause I just really feel like this is me sometimes. At times... I just keep quiet, hiding how I really feel to protect others.. or to be nice... but the older I am getting that is slowly changing. Good or bad??!! I don't know yet.. I'll get back to ya. :) I think that what is important is finding a happy medium between giving.. and standing up for yourself... I just have to find it so that I feel that I am "King of Me". Here are the lyrics.. the song is titled, "King of Anything", by Sara Bareilles.

Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table
While I look outside
So many things I’d say if only I were able
But I just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by

You’ve got opinions, man
We’re all entitled to ‘em, but I never asked
So let me thank you for your time, and try not to waste anymore of mine
And get out of here fast

I hate to break it to you babe, but I’m not drowning
There’s no one here to save

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?

You sound so innocent, all full of good intent
Swear you know best
But you expect me to jump up on board with you
And ride off into your delusional sunset

I’m not the one who’s lost with no direction
But you’ll never see
You’re so busy making maps with my name on them in all caps
You got the talking down, just not the listening

And who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?

All my life I’ve tried to make everybody happy
While I just hurt and hide
Waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to decide

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?

Let me hold your crown, babe.

October 21, 2010

My Pet Lion

When I was younger, I remember going to Magic Mountain.. or maybe it was Knott's Berry Farm... one of those... and I had my picture taken with a huge lion. I remember how regal and beautiful it was... like a raw beauty.. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Strangely, I was not afraid... but rather the lion had a calming effect on me. I could feel his strength... and his size made me feel protected and loved. I remember wrapping my arms around the lion and hugging him after I got my picture taken. The photographer was a little shocked at how calm I was with the lion. To this day.. I still feel that way about lions. When people have asked if I could have any pet animal what would I choose... Lion. I have had many people come and go in my life... some have been a quiet, subtle influence. Others have come and will always be there.. whether they are near or not. Their strength and calmness make me feel protected. They are my "lions" you could say. I remember the first time I met Wulf... he was glaring at me like.. "What the hell are you staring at?" More like he roared it. :) The kid is amazingly strong.. has literally been through hell and back. He never gives up and has courage like no other. If he wants something.. he works hard until he gets it. He has a soft, heart.. that he does not like to show.. and the kid can look at people, nature, the world.. and find beauty in everything. I don't have my own kids.... but like I have said before.. I have been blessed to have kids through my teaching career.. be a part of my life. Wulf is truly one of them. He charged into my life like a lion... and has been a great blessing to me. It was his birthday at the beginning of this month and I missed it !! So, happy belated birthday my Wulf. I know that you will absolutely hate this post. But, yah... I don't care !! Deal with it :)

October 20, 2010

Tampa the TV Critic- Friday's

Here is what is on the TiVo on Friday's:

SUPERNATURAL- I have posted about this show a couple of times now... I love this show !! It is brutally sad and intense.. but it shows the strength of persistence and fight... I like it !! And the guys are amazingly hot !!

MEDIUM- Love this show.. have watched it since the beginning. This season has not disappointed. The main character has the ability to see ghosts and has dreams that show her the future, past, or present. The writing is great !! And the show is just different and interesting !!

BLUE BLOODS- Great cop show. I like it because it deals with the family side of law. It shows how each family member has a different view, and how at times they have to pick law or family. Love Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck in it too !!

THE GOOD GUYS- Seriously hilarious !! A cop show.. but it has an old school cop and new school cop as partners. The old school guy is great... laugh out loud great !! Another thing that is cool about the show is they go back and forth in time... which keeps ya on your toes a bit.

HAVEN- Great show on Sci-Fi. The season finale was a couple of weeks ago.. but I figured I would still do a little write up. Since it is on Sci-Fi.. it has a little weirdness, and supernatural side to it. The characters are interesting, and the stories even more interesting. I like it because it is something different. Not the typical cop, lawyer, or doctor show. I will definitely watch next season.

October 18, 2010

Priceless Wetness

What do you get when you mix your nikon camera, niece and nephews, a splash pad, and picnik editing ??.... PRICELESS WETNESS :)


October 12, 2010

Teacher Auction

So this year my teacher buddy Brandi and I... we go by Brammy at school :) .... are the advisors over the club that does Angel Tree. I am way excited to be a part of something so great. Every year at Christmas time our students raise up to $10,000 for families in need. We shop for the presents, wrap, and deliver them. We are trying to get a head start on raising money this year. So one of the first activities we are going to do is a Teacher Auction. Students will be allowed to bid on their favorite teachers. The highest bidder for each teacher will win that teachers car washing services with a car of their choice. Very fun... my colleagues are so good about donating their time.. and going a long with my silly ideas. We took pictures of each of the volunteers to make posters around the school. I love these people.. and am lucky to work with them !!

Yummy Sammy !!

The last episode of Supernatural... the first three minutes... were heaven. I could seriously knaw on him forever !!

Tampa The TV Critic- Thursday's

This is my TiVo list for Thursday's:

GREY'S ANATOMY- I have been watching this show since the beginning. One of my favorite things about it is Grey's words of wisdom that she says in each episode. This show has such emotion and feeling. The season finales the past two years have been seriously intense. I have actually screamed out loud, and jumped up and down... intense !! Absolutely a must see !!

S*$&T MY DAD SAYS- This show is based on a book I have. Haven't actually read it yet, but I will get there. :) The show so far is pretty funny. I like William Shatner.. I mean come on Star Trek !! And he is a crotchety, old man. Pretty funny !

BONES- I have been watching this show since the beginning as well. Right now, my feelings for it are conflicted. The storylines are usually really good and different. It is about a genius woman that studies bones. She is paired up with an FBI agent to solve crimes when bones are found. The characters are likable and it is intense and funny at the same time. But, I am seriously just sick of them putting off the two of them getting together. I mean come on already.. Just kiss !!

FRINGE- Great show ! JJ Abrams is a great writer. Like this show cause it is something different. It is a sci-fi, suspense, action, romance, comedy, thriller. But, it leans more towards the sci-fi. Plus Joshua Jackson is in it.. and he is hot. Have you noticed that I watch shows based on the guys looks? Yah, I am shallow like that. :) I also love the character Walter. He is the crazy, old scientist type. He is hilarious !!

MENTALIST- Love this guy.. At times he is a little too cocky... but it is pretty cool how he can read people based on their actions. The way they solve cases is pretty cool. A lot of times they fool the crooks to come out through manipulation. So it is a cop show with a different twist.. that is enjoyable.

NIKITA- This is a remake from the original popular french movie "La Femme Nikita". I have seen both the french and american movie, and USA had a series years ago that I watched. So I was excited to see this new one. I love it !! They started it with a different twist. Instead of Nikita being inside.. she has escaped and is trying to take down the twisted government sanctioned program that incarcerated her. It puts a good twist on an old story.. and makes it fresh. Besides the fact that she kicks ass... and has big guns !! :)

THE OFFICE- Classic comedy at it's best !! I have actually posted about this show before... I heart it !!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES- Yes another teeny bopper show about vampires that I love. But, to plead my case I have liked these shows since the first one.. Buffy. This show is awesome. Hot guys, blood, smut, vampires, revenge, betrayal, werewolves, good guys, bad guys... What more could you ask for? :)

October 11, 2010

Me and Smel on My Roller Coaster

Mel came up this past weekend and spent a couple of days with me. I kept asking her what she wanted to do... and she kept gently chiding... "Tam whatever you want, I am up for anything !!" I don't think she realized how important her visit was to me, and how even greater that response was. Seriously, having her here with no plans, just chilling like we used to back in the stone ages... :) helped me soo much. We shopped, ate, watched DVR, watched old videos, took naps, and hung out at my school. I have been off my rocker lately... emotional wise. I tend to be on this roller coaster often. But, she was on it with me that weekend and helped me smile and raise my arms.. and enjoy the ride. I felt like me again when she left. I am again truly blessed in the friends department. They are my foundation and are often there for me on my roller coaster rides !! One thing about Smel... she has always been a steady rider on my roller coaster... at times she might have been sitting in the way back... yelling her support, but this weekend she was right next to me holding my hand. :) Love you Smel.

Tampa The TV Critic- Wednesday's

Here is my Wednesday TiVo list:

OUTLAW- Loving Jimmy Smitts in this. It's another lawyer show. Not my new favorite law show, but still pretty good. I heard that it might be cancelled... I will miss it a little. I am struggling to keep up with all of them !!

THE MIDDLE- Great comedy !! It's about a quirky little family in the Midwest.. trying to live life and get by. The little boy in it has one of my favorite quirks !! He always whispers the last part of what he is saying to himself and looks down !! Haha.. I love it !! Think I am going to start teaching like that. :)

MODERN FAMILY- I have blogged about this show before... It is the best comedy out there. The two gay guys are a riot... and all the characters play off each other hilariously. A definite must see !!

COUGAR TOWN- This show is about a single mom that is coming to grips with old age. She gets a lot of help from her family and friends. I enjoy the characters, and her ex-husbands vehicle is a golf-cart. Good times !! :)

THE DEFENDERS- This is my new favorite lawyer show. I have always been a big fan of Jim Belushi, and Jerry O'Connell is yummy. They are funny together, and I have enjoyed the storyline and cases they have had thus far. It is a definite keeper.

THE WHOLE TRUTH- Yet, another lawyer show... this one I might give up. The thing I like about it... is that it really shows both sides of the defense and prosecution in each case. At times you are thinking it could go either way. But to be honest, at this point of my week... I am lawyered out. I am going to have to decide between this and Outlaw...