August 31, 2008


The boys played Cimarron High School in Vegas on Friday.. so I hitched a ride with my peeps and headed down to watch Mikey play. We left early and marathoned shopped.. good hell .. for Shell's dress to wear at Brock's wedding... ate... and then went to the game. Captured some moments to share.....

Jose and his stuffed animal !! He is confident in his soft side..

Jose and Moi... Um gross tongue !!!

Kensey and Shell

Rach and BooKoo


#1 Self Portrait
What a freakin hottie !!! :>)

#2 My Kitchen Sink
K.. what the hell??!! This was a weird one... but again.. I am clean and anal.. my poor sister.

#3 My Favorite Room
This is where the real magic happens... HAHAHAHAHA !! Ya right.. I wish. No, but really I love my room. It is where I can walk around in my G's and not scare anyone but my dogs. :>)

#4 Laundry Room
Yah... my laundry room is even painted and decorated in southwestern... I am a freak.. I know.

#5 My Fridge
This is where the magic happens... and I wonder why I am fat... look at all that food !! Ha, actually Charlie and Stace are here with me so it is food for three... or four if you count the beast in my sister's belly. :>)

#6- Master Bath
Yah... I am clean and anal...

#7- My Closet
I got so many freakin clothes it is embarassing.. seriously ridiculous !!

#8 Favorite Shoes
K... just got these in the VEGASSSS on Friday when I went to Mikey's game. LOOOOVE them can't wait to wear them to games with my Dixie Blue.

#9- Favorite Spot of My House
This is my fav... got my couch.. which you can see my sisters hand cause she is laying on it.. :>) Got my bright colored fireplace.. got my lovely cow horns above my fireplace... and my television... me happy.

#10- Favorite Vacation Spot
Um... Hawaii. I love that place.. gonna live there someday. I have been twice and loved it both times. There is a spirit there that just resonates into your soul.

Thanks Jess... this was fun !! I tag Krischelle, Abs, my Sista Stace, and Andal my Love Handle... So get on it girls !! :>)

August 28, 2008

Parking Phenomonen

Went with Pops this week to Cali... and of course we went shopping. Now anyone that knows me.. knows that I shop and love it. But, the highlight of this shopping trip was the parking garage. Some inventor dude.. came up with the coolest parking gizmos. You know how you are driving around trying to find a spot, and you have to go up and down the aisles... well no more of that with this parking garage. They had these cool sensory lights... red if there was a car in the spot, green if it was empty.. and blue for handicapped... So COOL !! So you could just look across the garage and see where to drive to.. to park. How freakin handy dandy is that !!! Dad was laughing at me cause I had to stand there and watch the colors change from red to green and green to red as people pulled into and out of their spots. And... of course I had to get a pic for the blog.. :>) All I have to say is the guy that invented these is laughing all the way to the bank !!!

August 23, 2008

You Dropped a Bomb on Me... Baby !!

Football is back !!! Yea.. I love Flyer Football..... the royal blue flags, the bomb squad, Randy announcing, Jettetes, the spirit of Dixie is so real.... Again it is a little different this year... Carter and Jake are gone, I am not coaching cheer.. so after the initial first weirdness and sadness... I was glad to be back. My Mikey did well, and it was fun to watch him do his stuff on the field, even though I held my breath everytime he went to pass. It reminded me of the good old days I would do the same with Carter at Pine View. :>) The best highlight of the night, was the choice of music the boys decided to run out to... The kids/fans have formed a "Bomb Squad"... hence the Flyers.. our mascot.. So Maxi and Mikey decided to play "The Cool and the Gang".. "You dropped a bomb on me !!" Awesome :>) Good to be back with Flyer Football !!

August 20, 2008

Bean's Top Ten..... Eight

Sad, hard, day for me today..Bean went to college. Yah, it's only thirty minutes away, but, I don't like it. So, today we went to Wingers, and chilled in my classroom. I told Bean I was gonna do a post.. and he just rolled his eyes. He thinks I am obsessed about the blog.. :>) I told him that I was gonna do a top five of my favorite memories with him... He looked at me with pouty eyes and said... Only five ???!!! So, I told him I would do ten... but I am only doing eight... He never looks on here anyway.. :>)

8. Banana Pancakes.. Jack Johnson

7. His hair... especially under the Dixie Helmet

6. Attack of the hugger.. and the fall into my bookcase.. Heee.. heee.. lets just say that Bean can't hide the way he feels very well. And a certain girl liked to attack him with hugs everytime she saw him. One time he tried to make an escape.. but my bookcase got in the way... She liked it though cause she got to fall on him. :>) His face on the way down was priceless...


4. Trips to Harmon's... Morning runs to get breakfast and goodies for the day..

3. Just talks... talks with Abbie first hour... texts checking up on me, or asking me for things... talks about life, church, girls, family.. just talks. I love talking to Bean..

2. Smiley long boarding face.. Bean has a special coat he wears when long boarding, it's like a letterman's jacket.. cracks me up.. but my favorite is watching him light up when he long boards, or does anything he loves. His smile makes me smile...

1. Hugs... he gives the best ones.. will miss this the most..


August 19, 2008



August 17, 2008

My New Baby Girl

After watching Michelle's yorkie a couple of weeks ago.. I fell in love. So to my delight, Shell and Joe showed up with a doggie for me the other day. One of their friends family members couldn't keep her anymore so they brought her to me. I gave Joe a big wet kiss on his bald head, and petted Michelle's arm.. which she hates. :>) I was so happy and excited. She is freakin cute, her name is Nina, and now I have three pups. I think I am hitting my mid-life crisis cause I am getting another one this summer. Pops said he is going to call the city on me for having too many dogs.... Whatever !! I am an old maid with her dogs and proud of it !! This will totally be me....


August 16, 2008


First week of school done... Whooohooo !! I am department head this year so running around with my head cut off this week. :>) But, all is well. Stucki, our student council advisor asked me to babysit the kids yesterday during an opening week activity. So my first week of school ended on a wet note. The students at my school created a huge slide with plastic.. add a hill, water, soap, and spazzy teenagers.. and fun ensued. A lot of the girls chose to watch and sit with me.. but of course the boys thought of a variety of ways to tackle the slide. I had to capture and share..

August 12, 2008


Not a surprise.. but my boy did it.. He is the greatest Olympian ever... most gold medals won ever !! UNREAL !! Eight wins this round...I know I am obsessed but I gotta share some pics from these games that just show how truly amazing he is...

My favorite picture of the legend in water....

And a collage of icons...

MySpace Icon Collage


I just had to share these commercials they capture the spirit of the Olympics so well....warm fuzzies... everywhere.. such a sap I am. Just so you know to hear the video without the music go to my nano ipod to the left and push the pause button. :>)


Welp, today was the first day back to school... Good Hell !! :>) Summer flew ! It was good to see the kids, and I missed some of the ones that left even more when they weren't there today. It was also real hard without Jake or my brother there... just different. But, I can do different.. something I have learned teaching all these years is that the most important thing about my job is the kids. Just gotta keep telling myself that when I miss the way it was, and know that it will be FABULOUS again. I did laugh with the kids as I always do, and for those of you that know me, I am not a quiet laugher. I feel sorry for the teachers on my floor. Anyways, Dilly came in to say hi and we were talking about the Coon (a St. George wanna be gang of cowboys). So, I asked him which group he belonged to... the Coon or the other one (I can't remember the name now)... and he replied confidently, without hesitation, "Miller I belong to the GlenDilla". Which is his nickname. Gotta love his humility :>)

August 10, 2008


Shell has been bugging me for awhile to go see "Mama Mia".... so I broke down and went... sooooooo good ! Loved it !! Meryl Streep can sing.. don't know about Pierce Brosnan..kinda weird seeing Bond sing... but, still loved it !

August 07, 2008


So school has begun... and like the beginning of every year.. teachers begin with faculty meetings. UGH !! But, yesterday was one of the best ones yet... my administrator called a motorcycle a crotch rocket !! Never in my life had I heard that, or had half of the others... we laughed long and hard.. as he realized what he said and laughed with us. It was a good moment in a long faculty meeting.. :>) And trust me, I will never let him live that one down...