February 24, 2010

Random Chinese Commentator??

Have you guys noticed that there is a random.... Chinese commentator on my blog???!!! At first, I just ignored it... but then one of my students suggested that I translate what he/she said in Google Translator. So I did and this is what I got..... For his/her first comment, this was the translation... "A person is like a fraction, his actual talents are elements to his own assessment is the denominator. The greater the denominator, the smaller the value of scores." What the hell does that mean? It was posted under Brock's Birthday post. To my random Chinese commentator... "Please explain to me what this means.... or I will lay awake tonight doing fractions in my head !!" The second one translates to this... "Two people have a tongue to speak in order to observe the times sake." WHAT !!!!! Um..... WHAT !!!???? Is this about making out with a clock?? I am so confused.. this post was posted under my commentary on movies. Maybe it's about making out in a movie ??? Maybe, I just haven't made out in so long.. that is all I can think about. But enough of that... I just want my random Chinese commentator to know... I don't mind the comments. They are just a little too deep for me. Can you dumb them down a little please. And what is your name?... cause I feel kinda bad about calling you "Random Chinese Commentator". :)

February 22, 2010

Brockster Boyeees Birthday

Brockster's Bday yesterday. Joe made a yummy "Mango Jimbalaya". Soooo good !! Then Kensey's cute family came over for Dairy Queen cake. I didn't get you anything cause I am too poor, cause I am selfish and buy stuff for myself :) ... so this is it !! Happy Birfday Brockster !! Thanks for checking in on me once in awhile and for calling me with funny stories to make me laugh. :) You are a stud, and I am glad that I have you as a brother in my life. Can't wait till you get done with school and get to teach with me and Tate. So hurry it up will ya !!!

Exaggerated Hilarity

I love to laugh... hence why I do it loud. I just want to share a couple of things that have been making me crack up lately.

I absolutely love this show.. MODERN FAMILY... it is hilarious !! It is on Wednesdays on ABC.. You gotta check it out. Not really big on the gayness in general... but the big, gay guy is just awesome !!






Next, Jordi Girl introduced me to an awesome blog... Seriously, the girl that does it just cracks me up. It's called "Hyperbole and a Half". You need to check it out, she is crazy, but hilarious. Here is the sight... http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/. She draws the craziest pictures that just make me laugh my ass off !! Here is one... but you have to go to the blog to get it !!

Enjoy the laugh.. cause I do !! :)

Take That Single Awareness Day !

Valentines Day always sucks for those of us that our single... It is like the day where we stand out more !! Like we need that, especially a 37 year old Mormon that lives in small town Utah. "Hey you have no flowers, or balloons, or teddy bears, or a date to dinner !! You're a stupid single girl." Well, this year I refused to be pointed at or let myself feel bad. Instead, I focused on the good things in my life... not the lack of boys that I love or love me, but my girls. :) Just by doing that, I was able to point back and say, "I might not have balloons, bears, candy, or flowers... but I have some great people in my life that love me !!" So there ! :)

Me Angia is my soul sista. Our lives are the same. We think the same, we talk the same, we feel the same, we can even look the same. God sent her to me to keep me sane and to have a companion in life. I would die without her. I know that I can turn to her for anything and she will be bluntfully honest and there for me.

Andal I have known for an eternity. She is someone that I know I knew before I came to earth, and will know after I leave it. She has taught me how to love unconditionally and stand up for myself with those that hurt me most. She made me a godmother to her children... and allows her husband to spoil me. :) Most importantly, through thick and thin.... we always find each other and are reminded of our connection and how strong it is.

This is Me Shell. She is a cross between my best friend, sister, mom !! I know that she is always there for me no matter what I need. She feeds me, and blings me on a regular basis. And she shares her family with me and makes me feel at home always. She came into my life at a time where I felt I had no one... and she gave me her family. I will never forget that she did that for me. I am blessed to have her in my life.

February 19, 2010

My Boyfriend's New Tattoo

Just wanted to share a pic of my boyfriend and his new tattoo, and he always has my face on his phone screensaver.. What a guy !!

Thanks to an old Facebook friend for taking (creating) this pic !! :) Love it !!

February 16, 2010


Me and Stacer took Tessarooni to the park yesterday, and then went home and danced the night away. Seriously, we could just watch her all night and be happy. My baby sister is such a good mama, and I am blessed to be so close and take part in Tessa's daily life. She is just growing up so fast... pointing to things and saying, "What's dat?", dropping things and saying "Uh OH". She loves cheetos and diet pepsi (of course) !! And she loves music and dancing... reminds me of when my sister was little. She also makes this cheese grin sometimes that is just hilarious. When she crawls with a purpose... :) she puts her head down !! She has said my name twice now... and both times I was ready to hand her the keys to my car. The best part though... are her hugs... she puts her little head on your shoulder, pats your back with her hand, and kicks her legs.... it's the best !!

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February 13, 2010

Bathroom Thumbs Up

Those that know me... know that I use the potty a lot. I have a small bladder... and drink gallons of Diet Pepsi.... hence, the peeing. :) So I pretty much know where every public bathroom is in Utah, and how long it takes to get to it !! So you could pretty much say that I am a connoisseur of the public bathroom... with that said, I have always had one issue. It has always bugged that we are supposed to wash our hands to get rid of germs... and then after that we turn around and push the blower with our hands, or push the lever to get paper towels to dry our hands, or use our hands to open the door. Now mind you I always use my sleeve or an extra paper towel... but really if you don't do that... what's the point? Might as well not wash your hands !! Slowly, some of these issues have been resolved over the years... No doors going into the bathrooms, just long hallways, automated blowers and paper towel dispensers. But, yesterday, I had the greatest public bathroom experience ever... and it just made my day !! At Harmon's, it isn't about the stalls, or the toilets, or the paper towel dispensers... it is all about the hand blower. Seriously, I just might frequent that bathroom to use it. Dyson... yep the same guys that make the vacuums (which I LOVE !!!) have created a hand blower called the Airblade. It is freakin awesome !!! You know how most hand dryers barely blow, and you have to rub your hands, and then eventually you give up and end up wiping your hands on your pants? Well with this blower... I stuck my hands down in it.. and they dried in 12 seconds !! AWESOME !! I washed my hands three times after that.. :) So the next time you have to go potty... check out Harmon's. I give it a THUMBS UP !!!