September 24, 2009

Falling For Fall Lineup

Awww ! It is that time of year when I set up my Tivo to tape all the old and new shows that I love... Only to find out that some of them I am going to have to give up cause there are three on at once !! UGH !! There are three new shows, so far, that I am really liking on top of all my other faves... which is pretty much thirty million shows. (Get a life Tam !!) Here they are:

This show makes me laugh my ass off !! It is just hilarious, plus it has great actors and singers. My favorite is the cheer coach... maybe cause at one time I was a cheer coach... and she just fits the bill !! :) It is based in high school... which I am around a little... and focus's on the Glee Club.

Second one.... Again... hilarious !! This is Cougar Town with Courtney Cox. She is a 40 year old, divorcee getting back in the dating scene. So funny. It also has an old Scrubs actress in it so that even makes it better. Plus a hot guy !! :)

My last new favorite is Eastwick. If you have seen the movie... the show is pretty much based on that. It is about three witches that find their power through a hot, mysterious warlock. I have always enjoyed the supernatural type shows... so this I can tell is gonna be a favorite for me.

One thing I have noticed though.. is that night television is becoming more of an rated "R" rating. I mean you pretty much expect FX to have the racy shows... but every show I have watched so far has some pretty explicit sexual stuff. If I was a parent... um it would be hard for me to trust my kids with a television. I look at baby Tessa, or my nephews and think... Wow, the stuff you are going to see on television is going to be scary !!! And to be honest, I just don't know how I feel about that. Maybe I will have to watch all reality shows like Chan and Andee do.... Shoot me now :)

September 22, 2009

Junk in The Trunk

So.... I have always had a big complex about my butt. Probably because most of my life it has been on the large side. Well the older I get... it gets larger and larger. I used to worry about this more, but seriously, I am to the point now where.... if you don't like me or think I am gross cause I have a large ass... you can suck eggs !! :) But, I used to be really self conscious about what people thought about it. I still will ask my friends at times.... is my butt as big as hers ? And they are usually very large !!

So imagine my surprise and horror when I sat on my toilet to do my business and I broke the toilet seat !! Um... maybe I need to start becoming really self conscious again !! Good Hell !! Here is a pic of the crack.. and then a pic of it duct tape... cause it pinches. The boys stayed with me this past weekend and Hutch told me he liked the duct tape on my toilet. :) I was going to change the seat.. but I think I am going to leave it for awhile.. for a good laugh, cause my Hutcher Buster likes it.. and a reminder that I need to work on my "Junk in the Trunk" !!

September 13, 2009

One Crazy Tram Ride

No matter what I do with my Crismon family... it is never a dull moment. When I was up for Labor Day, we went to Snowbird for brunch and then took the tram up to the top of the mountain. I am not a big fan of heights, but the view was gorgeous and the kids.. like always were very entertaining. Who would of thought that Chan and Andee's kids would be entertaining... shocker !! :)

This is a video of Will... being Will :) He calls it doing "The Running Man on the Tram"

Bubba Ball

One of the main reasons why I went up north on Labor Day Weekend was to see Bubba and Will play football. Unfortunately, I missed seeing Will. But, I got to watch Bubba and Brianne strut their stuff on the field. They were both amazing and fun to watch !! I am actually kinda glad Will didn't have a game.. I enjoyed his company while watching Brianne and Bubba... Love ya Willer :)

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September 08, 2009

Sunday Brunchness

My great friends, that treat me like a queen, flew me up to Salt Lake City for Labor Day weekend. Chan bought me and Andal pedicures and manicures for Friday. On Sunday, he took all of us up to Snowbird for Sunday Brunch. It was beautiful !! We ate incredible food, walked around the majestic mountains, and rode the tram up to BFE !! I again am blessed in the friend area... so grateful am I !!

Freakin Football

Soo... if you ask anyone that knows me well... I have never been a huge football fan. I mean I like watching my nephews, or godsons, my kids from high school, or Tom Brady !! :) But, in all honesty I think it was on so much at my house growing up... I kinda got sick of it. But, now I find myself enjoying it more. Kinda freaks me out !! One of the things I did over Labor Day was FOOTBALL !! I got to watch Carter play in his little league, and watch Alta High School.... and I don't even know anyone on Alta... and I liked it !! Freakin weird !!

Me and Andal at Carter's game.
Me and Willer... Wub him !!
Briannie and Will
Me and Brianne
Me and Andal again... at the Alta High School Game