June 14, 2010

Private Time

Hey Guys !! I am going to be going private. If you recall, awhile ago I made fun of my random chinese commentator... well, I seem to be getting a lot more of those as of late.. and I am not going to lie, it is kinda freakin me out !! So if you want to be able to see my blog, send me your email through comments. I won't do it for another couple of weeks. I really don't want to do this, but I am gonna.... Dang it !! :)

June 01, 2010

A Rawring Good Time

This last weekend I went to Vegas with Michelle and her family for her niece Nicole's birfday. We went shopping at Fashion Show, tried on jeans all together in the same dressing room... yah five of us !! We then went to the Grand Lux for lunch/dinner, it was yummy. I guess it is a sister restaurant for Cheesecake Factory. I thought it was actually better than Cheesecake Factory. We then went and saw "The Lion King". I absolutely loved it. The costumes and singing were absolutely beautiful. My favorite was the lady that played "Rafiki', the monkey. Her voice was beyond amazing, and she was just loud and quirky. :) We then went to Town Square for more shopping. It was my first time at that mall. It is really a cool little mall.. it outside, with a spanish style setting... like a little village. We then headed over to Serendipity for some hot chocolates to go !! What a day !! The highlights were Zee Zee's driving, stories, and Nicole's visual aides.. not to mention the both of them talking to their car. I am so glad I got to tag along. I love Shell's family, they are a blast, take me in, and make me feel at home !!