November 19, 2010

My Nells

This last Monday was my cousin Nells birthday. Me, Dad, Charlie, and Tessarou went over to Chris and Lauren's for some grub and cake. It is her 50th birthday, and I wanted to do a post about her because she is an amazing woman. Some of my best memories of Nells, is driving with her as she blared Juice Newton and rocked out by hitting her steering wheel, while puckering her lips. :) I also remember great times when I lived with her, Julie, and Sue my senior year of high school. Nells has always been there for me. When I first started remembering things with my mom... Nells was there, and although the news was shocking, and unbelievable, she never doubted me or judged me. She was there for me when I went through the temple, to be my side when I took my endowments out. But, when I think of Nells, not only do I think of these things, but I think of a strong amazing woman that has been through so much with her health and her mom... and she has kept her head held high... and shown so much strength !! Nells, I love you very much !! And admire you so much for your strength and courage !! I am proud to be your cousin !!

November 17, 2010

Beauty Must Haves

I go through phases of my shopping addiction... Not the phases where I don't shop then do... UM, I ALWAYS SHOP !! :) More the phases of where I shop.. online that is. Lately, I have been addicted to Sephora. Seriously it is of the devil !! I also have an app for it on my phone. But, in my addiction I found some great makeup products that I will always use now !! Stuff that I have been trying to find for years... and have finally found. These are the few things that I have to have !!

This is Kat Von D Tatto Liner.. I have no idea who she is.. but I love this stuff. I have tried countless liquid liners. They either smear too much, or don't stay on.. or get all caught up in my eyelashes. But this stuff is the best !! It stays put... and the applicator makes it really easy to work with. Thumbs up for me !!

Any beauty store you go on.. online.. raves about Bare Minerals. I know why now !! It is awesome from their cover up, to blush, to shimmer, to anything... good stuff !! This particular item is the all over face color. I use True.. I love it because during the winter when I start getting pasty white.. :) This stuff adds a shimmer and shine. And I like me some bling !!

K.. how many different mascaras have you tried? If you are like me... probably a lot !! I have used Estee Lauder for years... but just happened to come across this mascara. It is amazing. I have had fake eyelashes.. if I use this mascara.. it gives me the fake eyelash look !! And it isn't clumpy, or chunky. Love me some Buxom !! They also make a great lip gloss too.

So if your ever surfing the Internet.. Check out Sephora... it has been good to me.. Damn it !! :)

November 08, 2010

Teacher Slave Drivers

A couple of Friday's ago, we had a fundraiser for Interask, a club that I am adviser for. The kids are trying to jumpstart raising money for Angel Tree this year. Students bid on their favorite teachers to wash a car of their choice. We didn't have many cars due to it being Halloween weekend. But, those that came had a blast. My favorite part were the kids that brought lawn chairs and goodies to watch their teacher wash their car. Good stuff!!

Brammy (Brandi and Tammy)

Mr. Nelson and his slave driver

Me and Shaheen

Tater and Sawyers... stud-muffins !

Mr. Christensen and his slave driver

The Sawyers

November 05, 2010

Embedded Birthday Moments

About a month ago Andal called me and told me that Brianne's wish for her birthday was that she could spend the day with me. Well.. pull my freakin arm !!! :) So I headed up to surprise Brianne for her birthday. The best part about it... wasn't the shopping, or the food, or the relaxing... or even the laughing !! The best part that will forever be embedded in my mind and heart is the look on Brianne's face when she saw me, and the hug that she gave me. You just don't get those kind of moments very often... and I was so lucky to get one. I will never forget it. Thanks Briannie for loving me and making me so happy !! I am so proud of you and am lucky to be your godmother. Happy Birthday Honey !! :)