May 23, 2010

My Protector

When I think of Mr. Chan Crismon... I think of "My Protector". Chan has always had my back for the last 15 years I have known him. He made me and Andee friends because he saw the connection before we did. He is always up front with me, even when I don't want to hear it. He spoils me because he says I deserve it, and he can. He includes me with his family because he loves me. He fights for me because I need it. And when he hugs me, I feel safe. I am so grateful and blessed to have him in my life. Happy Birthday Chan !! Love you !! :)

A Teeny Bopper Lesson

I can't believe the year is almost over, two and a half more days !! In all honesty, this has probably been the hardest ending for me since I taught. I had a couple rough patches with some kids that I really care about. I think at times I might just care too much. One of my bosses told me that, "I live and breathe my job". I do tend to do that when it comes to kids. I guess since I don't have my own, I really latch onto the ones that come into my life at school. So, like every hard experience in my life, I took this ending to learn... it is always okay to care too much, just don't expect teeny boppers to always return the favor. Besides, sometimes giving more is better than getting, right ?!! I just gotta remember that the next time I get hurt or pissed at teeny boppers. It all ended well though, and yet once again, teeny boppers proved me wrong...because those teeny boppers that hurt me, taught me that they can return the favor... in spades !! :)

This is Tanner. He is just one of those boys that is respectful, kind, and awesome.

This is Lish.. she has been my baby since her sophomore year. Gonna miss her !!

The biggest tagging ever to take place in my room...brought to you by.. do I really need to type their names !! :)

May 21, 2010

Carry On Our Wayward Son

I just love this show. It is not for the light-hearted. Most times it ends on a grim note. But, what I love about it is the portrayal of good and evil... and how there is an underlying current of the consequences of having, and not having faith. I also love the relationship between Sam and Dean as brothers, and they are not too hard on the eyes. The writing is incredible, and the season finale this year.. is probably one of the best shows I have watched on television. I included the opening credits below. This is by far one of my favoritist songs too. Just all around good stuff !!