February 28, 2009

Blue Sky

Growing up in California I didn't really notice the smog. I don't know if it was just not as bad, or I was used to it.... But, now.. UGH!!!

When I go down there.. I just can't wait to get back to this.....


Tessa's Firsts

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February 27, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

I have never been good at keeping in touch with old friends... I wish I had some great excuse... but I don't. This past week I went to Cali with pops. I had the great opportunity of seeing some of my old friends. It was just awesome.... haven't seen them in like fifteen years, but it was like we hadn't been apart. I am so lucky to have the friends I have had, still have, and know I will have... I have always been blessed in that area !!

This is me, Melanie, and Leslie. Lester was in our Stake. Her and I became good buds through stake youth trips, and stake dances. We were inseparable at Youth Conferences and Disneyland trips. :) Les always cracked me up, and still does. She has a beauty inside and out... This night we stayed up late.. laughed, cried, and caught up with each others lives... good times.

This is Melanie. She is one of my good friends from the ward I grew up in. We did everything together... dances, trips, laughed, cried, chilled... She was and still is one of the best women I know!! Her and I were called the Be-Bops.. along with our other friend Kristen. This night Mel and I had Chinese with pops, and then we just chilled at the hotel.

February 21, 2009

Just Smile and Wave...

What is it about waving that just makes everything okay? Everyday on my way to work there is a school cross guard that waves at every car that passes.

It seriously makes my day, as I smile and wave back. So how does a simple wave accomplish this? I have honestly been thinking about it. A complete stranger has the ability to make my day by just waving at me!! How simple and easy that is... So what is with the wave, why is it so effective? Jose MacArthur told me not too long ago that I can't let the people that hurt me... see that they are hurting me. He reminded me of the movie "Madagascar" and the following clip:

Loved that advice.... when life is wrong, or we are hurt... we just smile and wave. So something so simple as waving can not only change how you feel about yourself, but also change how people feel or perceive you. Man, why couldn't I figure this out sooner !! We should all have are arms hanging out the windows... constantly waving. Then we would be happy all day long. Seriously, try it next week... "Just smile and wave" and I promise it will be worth it !!

February 16, 2009

People On My Road

I would love to be able to say that I always wanted to be a teacher. When I first got to college... I honestly thought I would be an accountant like my dad. I looked up to him a lot.. and saw how well he did in his job.. so I thought.. what the hell.. :) Well, that didn't happen. After realizing that I didn't really know what I wanted.. I went through a period of self discovery. I went from thinking about going into Interior Design.. to Hairdressing.. During this period I also changed school's and moved back home. I have learned by now that life is not what we expect or want it to be all of the time.. and this period of time was definitely hard for me. Family support was crucial.. :) It wasn't until I was at Dixie State College.. that I landed a job as a teacher's aide at Pine View High School in St. George. It was here that I developed a relationship with a severe special ed. student. She was in a wheel chair, couldn't talk, could only move her arm. Even though she had these limitations, she was extremely aware and bright. I spent a whole year... every day for three hours with her. I learned a lot about myself and her... without communicating at all !! My last day as I was leaving... I said goodbye to her with a tear in my eye.. as usual she stared back at me blankly. I hugged her and started to walk away... and she grabbed my arm in a vice grip. As I turned around.. she smiled at me.. and really looked at me for the first time. I will never forget that moment.. or her.. or how I felt right then. Everything I had done for her led to that moment of fulfillment. It was then, that I realized I wanted to be a teacher. She was the beginning of my road to teaching. As I went to school to be a teacher.. I thought fondly of past teachers... my favorite teacher ever was Mr. Dillon. Not because he taught me a lot, or because he was handsome, etc... It was because I knew that he loved me and cared about me... So as I learned to be a teacher I remembered how my special ed. friend made me feel, and how Mr. Dillon had loved me. These two people have molded me to who I am today as a teacher. I have been thinking about all of this because an old friend posted some pics of me and Mr. Dillon on Facebook. I cherish these pics... and cherish those people that I meet on my road in life... You never know who you impact or change... on this road called life !! It is my hope that I can return the favor to my students... and be an influence for good on their roads...

A Favorite Ear

One of my favorite things about Goobs is his ear... I had to capture it on camera. His right ear tends to stick out a little more than the other... So I tend to bite it.. I tell him if it didn't stick out so much... I would leave it alone. :) Love you and your ear Goobs !!

Angels Sleeping

I don't know why... but everytime the boys come and stay with me.. I wake up like twenty times at night and check on them while they are sleeping. I can't help it... there is just something comforting and peaceful about watching them sleep. And I swear it isn't because they are quiet.. :) or not moving !!! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to spend time with them... they fill my life with love... asleep and awake .. :)

This Tag Is For You Sharbar

Answer the questions and then tag five people:

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Getting ready to move to St. George
2. Finishing up my Masters Degree
3. Working at Department 56 in Vegas (Miss that place)
4. Eating... :) I can't think of anything and I am always doing that !!
5. ... I am stumped !! MIRACLE ! Cause I usually have sooo much to say..

5 Things on my list to do today:
1. Do some blogging.
2. Wash my sheets
3. Clean my shower
4. Pick up dog poop
5. Give dogs bath
(Almost done !!)

5 things I would do with a Million Dollars:
1. Pay off my home.
2. Pay off all my dad's bills.
3. Adopt a baby.
4. Pay my tithing from the last five years !! Ha !!
5. By a beach house in Hawaii.

5 places I have lived:
1. Southern California
2. St. George, Utah
3. Cedar City, Utah
4. Las Vegas
5. Salt Lake, Utah

5 jobs I have held:
1. Maid at the Hilton
2. Baskin and Robbins... Yummy
3. Blimpies Sandwiches
4. Bath and Body Works
5. Iron Parke... like Shar !!

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years:
1. Spending time with my godkids, and nieces and nephews as they get older !!
2. Travel more
3. Better with my money
4. Real Estate License... Maybe :)
5. And as always looking for a man !!

K... I tag... Hayley, Jen Bennett, Jenna, Mary, and my Poppy.... Get crackin taggerees !!

February 12, 2009

Today's Funnies

Those of you that know me or hear me on a regular basis know that I love to laugh... obnoxiously so. Today was a doozie in the funny area... so I am sharing. Just pretend you can hear me cackling and snorting as you read along. :)

Wulfie attacking Mikey on one of the desks in my room...

Over at Michelle's watching television and we come across the "Fit" station.... Um belly dancing aerobics snow on the left, and the beach on the right.... it would flip back and forth !! I was flabbergasted... I mean.. they must be hurting for variety on this station... belly dancing aerobics ????

Troy was walking around wondering why her eyesight was messed up... she kept thinking she had something wrong with her eye, or something in her eye... about five hours later she realized one of her lenses popped out !! HA

Some of my girls in Driver's Ed. had the coolest Chuck Norris folders... They said the following: "Chuck Norris had his tonsils removed with a chain saw", "Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky", and "Chuck Norris does not sleep, he waits". Snorting !!

Max decided to update my picture of Michael Phelp's on my board.....

February 10, 2009

Driving a Sunbeam

Good Hell... I am getting old. Driving one of my students the other day which I taught over the summer. We drive by my old church building in Bloomington and he says... "There's my old church building." And I said, "Hey, me too." And Brock says, "Yah, I think you used to be my old primary teacher." So, I thought, and thought as smoke came out of my ears.. :) and then the light bulb went off.. Little Brock from Sunbeams !!... that used to sit on my lap... and was so freakin cute !! AAAAH !! I was a little excited after that, and about jumped in the backseat to give him a hug.. if it wasn't for the look of fear in his eyes, I would of. How freakin cool was that though!! He told me he remembered all the fun things we did... swimming and activites... it just warmed my heart. The sun definately shined brighter that day. :) So you know I had to get a pic of little Sunbeam Brock... all growed up...

Play on Words

Have you noticed that certain words that meant one thing...mean something entirely different now.... Like "gay", used to be happy.. now it is reference to sexual preferences. Or "sick" used to mean you were heaving in the toilet, and now it means cool.... Why or how do these changes happen? Is there just some guy walking down the street and he decides to start calling cool people.. sick !! I don't get it. :) Thus, has been the topic in my classroom this past week. Lately, I have noticed that the boys love to call each other "douche". Now, I have let this slide for awhile, cause well... as a high school teacher you have to pick your battles.. or you get tired real fast. So, I haven't said anything to them, but finally I was so sick of hearing the word.. I finally said, "Do you guys know what that is?" They all kinda looked at me... DUH?? So, I didn't have the heart to explain it to them.. so I showed them one of my favorite 80's commercials... Ha.. this is a classic !! You 80's teeny boppers.. will get a kick out of it. Well, after laughing hysterically, and making grossed out faces, and finally realizing what they were calling each other.. the "douche" calling has stopped. Sometimes all it takes to fix a play on words is an old classic commercial. :) So to the kid that started the whole "douche" word... take that !!

February 07, 2009

Sucks To Be Me

I remember the good old days.. when I had a hot date over the weekend, or would go dancing with a bunch of friends. Now that I am old.. I don't do that anymore. Now, I have to resort to this....


February 06, 2009

A Letter To The President

I am not one to get to heavily involved in all the debates during elections.. in fact I usually get annoyed at how the media focuses on the negative of those that have sacrificed and will sacrifice for our country. I am republican.. but am not biased in the respect and gratefulness I feel for those great men.. that serve as our presidents. What an unthankful, tireless job it must be.. but I about bahled when I saw this the other day.. It just captures how I feel about the presidency.. So thank you to our leaders.. republican, democrat, white, black, flawed, and flawless... They sacrifice for me and you everyday !! I am grateful for this country I live in.

25 Random Things About Moi

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Well I have been tagged by SharBar on Blogger world.. and by Mel, Leslie, and Aaron on Facebook World.. so I gotta get crackin on this.. Here ya go guys !!

1. I love flower pots... I am a fanatic come March with creating just the right flower pot look. It is coming up soon.. and I am excited !!
2. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi. My grandpa was so addicted he used to have the pepsi truck deliver it in cases to his house. I am almost there.. I start drinking it first thing in the morning and don't stop.. it is bad. I bet Brockster that I wouldn't drink it and I lasted like two hours..
3. I want to live in Hawaii. I love it there and always think about moving there someday. When I go to visit.. there is something there that whispers home to me. Someday....
4. I am anal.. ridiculously so !! My close friends can attest to this. Especially, when it comes to deco for my house. If one deco is out of place.. I will know as soon as I get home and fix it. My dad always rearranges my pillows to annoy me.. and I have to fix them right away or it is on my mind... bugging !!
5. I am a jean and sweatshirt kinda gal.. last year I dressed up more for my job.. but this year I am back to my good old staple.. jeans and a sweatshirt. I have my Masters to be a principal someday.. but I don't know if I can do it on account of having to dress up !! I hate it !!
6. I love reading Sherilyn Kenyon.. it is kinda embarassing cause she is kinda a dark, vampire, gods, evil, sexy writer :) But, I love it !!
7. I am horrible with my money.. I am willing to spend $300 on my Iphone cases !! Yah, I know it is ridiculous.. but I do it. :)
8. I am a godmother.. a mormon one !! Ha.. I love my godkids and am so grateful that they are a part of my life.
9. I am writing a book... it is titled "Believe In..." and is about my journey through dealing with what happened with me and my mom five years ago. It is in the works.. and I don't know if I will ever try to publish it.. but I had to write it.
10. I want to someday own a boat.. Not for skiing, but for sailing.. I love the ocean and would love to just be on a boat all day staring at it !!
11. I believe in evil and good.. adamantly so.. I have had dealings with both in my life and have seen and felt both, with such conviction, that I can't deny it.
12. I am a "Captain Moroni" freak. He is one of the prophets in my church. He is amazing to me.. and such a strong person. I admire his conviction,strength, and fearlessness. I have a huge framed picture of him in my house holding the "Title of Liberty". It is on my wall right when I come in from my garage. It reminds me to fight everyday.. and stand up for my beliefs. I always tell my students that he is waiting for me in the next life.. He is a hottie :)
13. I love southwest decorations. My whole house is southwestern. I have a cowboy room, big cow horns hanging above my fireplace, and kachina/kokopelli men allover my house. I also have lizards hanging on my walls.. I love the southwest look !!
14. I am scared to death of heights !! Like to death...
15. I have a phobia of dentists... I haven't been in like eight years !! I am going to be an old lady with no teeth. I am okay with that as long as I don't have to go to the dentist !!
16. I dated a mafia lord... :) Well, he was high up in the chain of leaders. I dated him when I was in Vegas. It was awesome.. I got to see the behind the scenes security at the casino he worked at. And I got some cool presents.. and we ate at the most expensive places. He was a little possessive though.. and it got a little scary there at the end.
17. I had a student in Vegas offer to kill someone for me... He was dead serious.. At first I laughed... but then realized he was serious.. I then had to tell my boss !!
18. I love.. hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.... I am an In 'n' Out fanatic !! They just opened one here in St. George.. I was a little excited !! Yah, and I am chunky because of this weakness... Yea.. Junk Food .. Sorry Les :)
19. I have an uncanny ability to read people really well.. it freaks me out sometimes and can get me into trouble cause I tend to have a big mouth !!
20. I love to shop.... brand names in accessories... Juicy, Coach, Dolce and Gabbana, Betsey Johnson... I am a purse whore :)
21. I want to someday own a ranch for troubled kids... I have this dream when I am old.. of having a ranch with an ocean view.. where kids that have nowhere to go can come and live on the ranch and work for me... :) Anybody wanna loan me millions of dollars for this? I have so many students now, that are broken, and have nowhere to go.. It kills me.. and I wanna take them in !!
22. I love music where the lyrics make you stop and think... I usually get hooked on a song that uplifts me or matches the way I feel at the time !! I tend to post it on my blog when I do :) But, I will play it over an over again until I get sick of it.
23. I love a good hug... the ones where people squeeze just right and you feel safe and at peace for a moment in time... Liz (Charlie's mom) and Bean.. give the best ones.. and I get as many as I can when I see them. :)
24. I stink.. I mean I seriously have a little bit of a gasseous problem :) Shhh.. don't tell anyone.. I had to start taking iron pills cause my iron is low.. and it has made it even worse.. My dogs will even run away !! :)
25. I am patriotic...I love hearing stories about the old US.. and how are old heroes,and leaders fought for this nation we believe in.. I tend to get emotional at times during the pledge of allegiance. But, I love that it starts out my day everyday..


February 02, 2009

I Still Love Him....

Lovin Super Sundays

Most every Sunday I go over and hang with the McArthur/Sharp clan. This Sunday for Superbowl was no exception. Jose made some kick ass primerib.. and then the old ladies played games as everyone else watched the game !! Good times.. good people.. good food... Love it !! The video is of Grandma.. trying to "Raise the Roof" cause she won !! Trying is the key word here...

The Many Faces of Tessa

Tessa is just getting bigger and funner by the moment !! I decided to capture some of her faces with my phone as I was holding her... From left to right.. starting at the top.. Tessa tired, Tessa thinking.. "What the?", Tessa scared !!, Tess rolling her eyes.. good hell Tampa !!, Tessa deep in thought, Tessa pissed, Tessa enlightened by the deep conversation with Tampa.. and now Tessa is tired again.. :)