May 29, 2009

Too Short and Too Far Away

One of Stacy's friends clued me in on this little preview of "New Moon ". It is too short !! UGH !! I added some pics from the set and movie posters too. The one with the guys with their shirts off, is the wolf pack !! YUMMY... I am obsessed !! CAN"T WAIT !! Okay so I added the actual trailer.. when I watched it on MTV Movie Awards .... AAAAAAAH!!!! I was screaming in my house.. at midnight... freaking my dogs out !!! AAAHH !!!!!!

Summer Obsessions Thus Far

Been out of school for a week now. Not much to post but this....

Maybe next week I will get off my butt and do something productive....
NAH !! :) Gotta love SUMMER !!!!!!!

May 25, 2009

I am a Flowerpot Whore

One of my favorite things about spring/summer is planting in my flower pots. Living in the desert it can be hard maintaining flowers in the ground. But, I seem to do pretty well in pots. :) I have just a few.. Ha !! I love looking out my windows at the perty flowers... Makes me happy. This year the boys helped me plant.. they are good helpers !!

May 22, 2009

My Diva

Got my "Diva" a new bed.... Good Hell :)

Teacher Graduation

Well, I just finished up my fifth year at Dixie. It is official, this is the longest I have been at a school. When I first started teaching, I would look at all the old teachers and wonder how they could stay so long in one school !! Now that I have been at Dixie.. I know how they can.... :) I pretty much plan on dying and retiring here... it is my home away from home. I decided to take pics of the end of year teacher program that gets put on every year at our school. This year two of our oldies but goodies left us... Forrest and Greg. Good men !! They will be missed :) Both got to walk through the "D" at graduation as the students do. As their names were called, and they walked through... the students and parents in the Burns Arena cheered, and stood in thanks. I couldn't help but think.. that at times teaching can be thankless, and hard.. but at that moment they both received that praise... I know that they did not regret one minute of their profession. I look forward to when I walk through that "D" and graduate from the best schooling I have ever received.. :)

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When Being Wrong is Okay

I used to think that the best thing I could find in my bed would be a man.... I was wrong !! :)

May 17, 2009

The Outfit Statement

We all know that as women we make a statement with the clothes we wear... whether it be brand labels, colors, shoes.. or actually writing on a shirt. Thus, Stace and I are starting Tessa early on the importance of the right outfit. She wore one of my favorites today.....


May 15, 2009

Did You Say It?

As most of you can tell by now.. I love television !! But, there is one show that stands out from the rest as far as teaching me something about life on a continual basis. I mean come on, television is just supposed to be entertaining, not life changing.. but I can't help it.. Grey's Anatomy continually leaves me edified with the way it is written, the way it portrays relationships, and the way it portrays goodness and sadness. If you have never watched... watch one !! Jess has my back on this. :) The season finale.. did not disappoint !! It was unreal !!! At the end Grey says the following words.. which for me speaks volumes to how we should live.. how I should try to live !! She says, "Did you say it? I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life. Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it. But, every now and then, take a look around. Drink it in. Cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow." I bahled...

May 13, 2009

Seven More Days...

BRING IT ON !!! :)

May 12, 2009


My top hotties for the month !! One has metal coming out of his knuckles.. and the other is gay !! But both have a scream that .. ahhhh. What can I say... HOTTIES !!

May 11, 2009

What I Learned From Mi Madre

Me, Stace, and Ang took my mom to Dairy Queen for Mother's Day.. there is nothing like a good blizzard to celebrate. :) I also had my mom model with my purchases for the month. Some of you have been asking what I ended up buying this month.. and my mom was my model. :) Yah, I know I said that I would only get one thing.. but yah, I suck with my mula !!

As the day approached where we honor and think of our mom's... my emotions were bittersweet. I love my mom, yet because of experiences that I have had with her.. I was also hurt by her tremendously. These two emotions coexist within me and each battles the other on a continuous basis. When these emotions first happened four or so years ago.. I did not know how to deal with them.. their was not enough of me to handle what they entailed. Well, in the four years that I have had this inner battle, I can say that both are still there.. but love peeks his head in my heart more often than pain. Love.. grasps my soul.. instead of pain clutching it and dropping me on my butt. I didn't start winning this battle on my own.. My Savior, family, and friends have all been their watching on the sidelines.. or at times actually fighting the pain for me !! I thank them for that. But, most importantly love has begun to win because of my mom. Interesting how the one that caused the pain, is also the one that can heal it. What I have learned these four years.. is that I have to focus on the good my mom did for me... which is a lot. Like... cutting off my crusts on my sandwiches for my lunch, taking me on mega shopping trips, always listening to me.. really listening, and being a shoulder to cry on, making me laugh, rubbing my forehead to put me asleep. Her love for me has superseded the pain.. and I truly believe that it will eventually subside it. The pain will be won, to never get up again and face me. I am lucky.. lucky to have a mom that went through the pain she did.. and yet still loved me and made me who I am. You see in order to know love.. truly know it, we must truly know pain. My mom.. has taught me both, and I thank her and love her for it !! Happy Madre Day mi madre!!

May 09, 2009

My Breakfast Club

So lately I have been doing Saturday School a lot... I am actually doing it right now. I have had the drama kids with me the last couple of times. It is definitely never a dull moment. Highly entertaining... they crack me up as shown in the pics below. When I told them that I wanted to take pics of them to put on my blog.. it took them seconds to start posing.. and I have never seen a pyramid created so fast in my life !! And I used to coach cheer !! They were excited about me posting it.. and all yelled in unison..."We are bloggable now guys!!".. They are by far my favoritist Saturday School students. Um, I love my job. :)

May 08, 2009

Our .. "Books of Love"

Scrubs is over, and I am bummed !! But, the last seven minutes of the finale... made me cry. So beautiful... and happy !! I loved how JD says that what is important is not so much what happened or will happen... but what we make of the relationships we have with loved ones now. So true.. and so well put in his last fantasy. I especially like how he fantasizes that his son and Turks daughter get married.. and he faints !! HA !! I will miss this show... I posted the last seven or so minutes.. you gotta watch.. Pause my music..

May 07, 2009

Some Quality Tessa Time

My little Tessa is becoming a nuggler !! She nestles into my shoulder.. and it melts my heart. I am going to be watching her a lot this summer and am looking forward to some quality time with "My Butterfly".

Ipod Love

This weekend I was blessed to have some of my favorite kids at my house. Friday night turned into Ipod night.. when I downloaded some songs on DoDo's and Taloo's Ipod's. Hutcher borrowed mine.You gotta love modern technology. It is entertaining for the kids.. and for me.. especially when DoDo gets jiggy with it !! The boy has mad skills... HA !! :)

May 06, 2009

I Lived Here !!

One of my old roomies messaged me the other day about a shooting in one of our old apartment complexes !! It happened in our exact apartment !! Um... BRUTAL !!!

Video Courtesy of

Spring Ball

Spring Ball is not one of my favorites I like watching basketball and football... but I still attend a couple of each to support the boys... Here is some shots of some of them doing their thing !!

Mother Nature

Sometimes in a world that is so congested with fast paced lives, technology, and hatred... it can be the simplest forms of nature and beauty that makes me pause... take a breath.. and put a smile on my face. It is these moments that remind me to stop and look at what is around me... take it in.. and remember to appreciate it !! I got these pics in a mass email.. and I had to share...