September 24, 2010

Tampa The TV Critic- Tuesday's

Here is Tuesday's list of TiVo items:

GLEE- This show is my third favorite show on television. The singing is amazing. The characters are hilarious. The season opener was awesome !! The lines that come out of the Cheer Coach Sue's mouth are just the best. And they just added another Coach to this season. Hahaha... her name is Coach Biest.... a female coach for Football. Cracks me up !! And they have added a few new kids with amazing voices !!

NCIS- This is my second favoritist show on television. I just love the characters in this show. They are all so different.. and play off each other so well. The main character Gibbs, is the strong silent type. I love him. I seriously plan on naming a future dog after him. This is just the best show on television !!

RAISING HOPE- This show is my new favorite comedy. It is a little crude at times... but always has a round about way of giving a good message. The grandma is hilarious... always just walks around in a bra. Haha... definitely a must see if you want to laugh out loud !!

NCIS LOS ANGELES- One of my favorite characters is on this show... Love the little old lady that is their boss. Again this show is awesome for the same reasons that the original NCIS is. Plus it has LL Cool J.. I mean come on !! :)

PARENTHOOD- Great show... great actors !! Some of the scenes between the families are just so true !! I don't have my own kids... but I love how real this show portrays how families interact and get along. William Baldwin joined up this year on it... good stuff !!

THE GOOD WIFE- This is my favorite law show. It is an incredible drama.. with some of the best writing I have seen on television. I love the investigator for the firm. Plus it has Mr. Big from Sex in the City... Good stuff !!

SONS OF ANARCHY- This show is real... real gritty, real violent, real sad, real intense, really awesome !! I love to hate it !! Sometimes I think to myself... I shouldn't like this so much !! But, I can't help it.. I am addicted.

September 22, 2010

Tampa The TV Critic- Monday's

I love television... and now that we have good old TiVo.. I can watch all my shows whenever I want. Seriously, thank you technology. I am well equipped at my house with three different DVR hookups that can tape three different shows at a time. Yah, I am a loser !! :) My pops has me beat at four !! I will catch up... Someday !! On that note, I have decided to do a Fall Critique on all the shows I watch, and am currently trying out for the first time cause they are new. I got my cousin Jules to branch out and watch NCIS, and The Glades this year. And I also got my reality addicted friends Andal and Chan hooked on NCIS as well. I promised Julie I would give her some posts to turn to for her TiVo schedule this fall. So here ya go Jules... as promised !! And Andal... you can branch out even more if ya want !! :)

CHUCK- Absolutely love this show. It is like the Geek Squad meets Spies are Us. My dad got me hooked on this show a couple of years ago. It has a great story line and fun characters. Linda Hamilton is guest starring this year on it as Chuck's mother. Seriously, that to me is enough of a reason to watch it. If you are looking for light-hearted, suspense, and romance. Chuck it !!

LONE STAR- Don't know how I feel about this one yet. It's a new one. The main character is a con-artist and is involved with two women. The first episode was about him trying to get out of this lifestyle and break away from his overbearing father that trained him to be a con. It seems to be headed in the drama, romance category. But, to be honest.. I thought the characters were Eh.. and I could take it or leave it. I will give it one more try though.

THE EVENT- This is supposed to be the new Lost. I am one that likes to watch television to escape and relax. I don't want to have to think too much. I tried to get hooked on Lost like everyone else.. but the show used to piss me off and give me headaches. :) But, I decided to give this one a try cause one of the main characters in it is John Ritter's son. The first episode was hard to follow.. kinda back and forth in time sequence. But, I was hooked. I read an article about the show.. and they promise to answer more questions as the show goes on, unlike Lost. If they don't, I am out.

CASTLE- Love, love, love this show. The main guy in it is hilarious. He is a famous writer that helps a detective solve crimes. The show totally reminds me of Moonlighting. Some of you youngens might not remember that show. The chemistry, and witty bantering between the two main characters as they solve crimes is fun to watch. And the who done it crimes keep you guessing till the end. It is a regular on my TiVo. :)

CHASE- This is a new one this season. It kinda reminded me of 'In Plain Sight"... but a little different. I dig the shows with the female dominant, crime fighter, kick ass, good girl. This show has it. It is about Texas Marshals that search for criminals on the run. I enjoyed the first episode... lots of good chase scenes, hot sweaty guys running, some witty banter, and psychological criminal mind guru. Good stuff !!

HAWAII 5-0- Um... YUMMY !! Seriously, this show was the best premiere of the night. It is new.. and obviously a remake of the old series. The main guy on it is a hottie. He is from the old vampire show Moonlight. The relationship between the two main cops is already hilarious... and the scenery in Hawaii. Seriously, can't go wrong in that department. Lots of action, shooting, explosions. Love it !! Hope it lasts !!

September 21, 2010

Homecoming Hundred

First and foremost.. I can't take credit for these pics. I was running around with my head cut off most of the time at the game so didn't take any. There is an awesome student named Shaun at our school that is doing all the computer side of stuff for our 100 year celebration. He is amazing. One of the sites he is doing is Dixie 100 Blog. You can check it out.. it is under my "Looky Loos" on the left. So, cause I was cameraless during the big Homecoming Game.. I stole some from Shaun.. Thanks buddy !! What a great night, yet bittersweet. I got to see Jake, an old, longtime friend.. that I used to see on a daily basis, but now he teaches at Desert Hill High School. Since we were playing them, I ran over and gave him a hug before the game... wasn't too happy about the colors he was sporting. :) But, was glad to see him. Miss ya buddy !! I then got to take tickets with the best ladies at our school. It was awesome to see so many alumni come through the Dixie gates. Halftime was just incredible !! Old cars to old queens. Since it is Dixie's Centennial year.. we had the first Homecoming Queen lead the pack in a car from 1911. She is a little younger than that.. but, she was beautiful in her original dress from sixty plus years ago !! So cool !!

There are some things at Dixie Football... whether it is Centennial Year or Homecoming that you can always find during a Dixie Football Game. Here are three pictures that capture them beautifully.. and they just happen to be my favorite !!

We did lose the game... which was part of the bittersweetness... but I thought the boys fought hard and well. Another highlight was after the game. Our cheerleaders this year decided to start a "Shaving Pool".. to raise some money. Well, the $1000 limit was raised that night.. so my head boss Bergeson and his assistant Bair got their heads shaved. Part of the money was raised by Bergeson's five already BALD brothers running around the crowd for money. Haha... money was flying everywhere. To be honest, I never thought Bergeson would go through with it... but he did. Now he fits in well with his family. :)

Lastly, I got to spend the last part of the game with Mrs. Brandi Lou !! She is a new teacher at Dixie.. and to say we are the same is an understatement !! I am stoked for her to be here with me !! She is awesome !!

It was a good night at Dixie... for me anyway !! :) Thanks to all those that have made Dixie what it is before I got here. I will carry that spirit with me for the years to come that I am here.. so that it continues to live on when I am gone !! It's a beautiful thing !!

September 07, 2010

Dixie is 100 !!

This year is a special year at the high school I teach at. It is Dixie's 100th year. I love this place... the spirit, pride, tradition, and people.. make it one of the best places to be. I am excited for this year and all of the celebrations and activities that will be taking place. I am on the Centennial Committee (shocker) and am stoked to be involved in such a monumental year. I have decided that I am going to walk around and take many pics for my blog, the Dixie Blog, and Facebook. I have kinda turned into my dad. When I was younger, he would constantly walk around my youth activities and take pictures of everyone and everything. Back then, I would make fun of him. But now, I understand what he was doing. He wanted to be sure I remembered the good times in my life. I want these kids at Dixie.. to remember what an amazing school it is, and how lucky they are to participate in such an amazing birthday year. I love ya Dixie !! :)

At the beginning of each year, our awesome student council decorate the three levels of hallways at our school. This year was no exception, with colorful streamers, planes, and balloons throughout the school. There were also some awesome "Happy Birthday" Banners. We also had an opening assembly where we had some Dixie Alumni come speak to the kids. One of my favorites was Wilkinson... and old alumni that got in a terrible car accident and is now paralyzed. He has such a great attitude, and the kids were really receptive to his spirit and pride in Dixie.

Every year at the beginning of the year Dixie has a Club Spectacular. It is an opportunity for each club to set up tables and advertise the fun activities that they do throughout the year. Students are allowed to walk around and sign up with clubs that they think might interest them. This year there was a big variety... from Harry Potter Club... to to the Spanish Club.

Last weekend, Bridget (our librarian) and I spent all Friday night fixing up our display case. I loved looking at some of the old pics of Dixie, and touching some of the old letterman jackets, football helmets, and cleats. I felt like I was leaving my mark, on a place that so many great people have marked over the last 100 years. To be a part of that.. was special to me !

September 06, 2010

Ready For Some Anarchy

Webster's Dictionary defines ANARCHY as the following: confusion, chaos, disorder. I define ANARCHY as the following:

I am ready for both !!!!

September 02, 2010

Long Time No Post !!

Yah, it has been awhile !! I apologize... a lot. I guess I just got burned out of the blog thing, and also the freaky comments were kinda freaking me out. I was going to go private, but a friend suggested I do comment moderation so that I can monitor my comments. This made me a lot happier because a lot of my students look at my blog, and I didn't want to make it private. So I will try the moderation thingy... and see how that goes. For now, I will try to catch you up on my life since June. Summer was great... the usual. Driving kids, swimming, driving kids, visiting Ang, driving kids, watching Tessa, and going to Vegas with my girls. Nothing too eventful, but nice and relaxing. So the following is a montage of "Tampa's Summertime" !!

Stace and I both got passes at the Washington City Pool this summer and spent a lot of time there. Tessa loved it !! And I quite enjoyed hanging with my sis getting some rays and reading a book.

Went to see Blue Man Group with Michelle, Zeez, and Nicole in August. It was awesome !! Quirky, loud, and obnoxious !! Just the way I like it. We have decided that we are going to do a girls trip every six months or so to Vegas to shop and see a show. Next trip is planned for February to see Le Rev. Can't wait !!

I took a couple of trips up north to see Ang and help her out with her house. I didn't get any pics of that... but on my second trip I stopped by to see my Godkids !! They are growing up so fast, and I am so proud of them. I love the light they bring to my life !!

I spent a lot of my summer days watching "Baby Girl". She is getting so big.. and more beautiful. I remember the day she was born, and how I felt her before she came into this world. The more I spend time with her, the more that feeling grows of familiarity, love, and connection. She is awesome !!

One of my favorite things about being a teacher, is the relationships I have with my students. I love when my graduated kids come see me. During the summer, I had a couple of visits. The one above was extra special cause I hadn't seen Chris or Derek since they left for their missions. They scared the crap out of me coming at 11:30 at night !! But, I was rewarded with a huge bear hug sandwich, and some great laughs afterward.

This summer brought some hard times as well. My Aunt Sue passed away. She has had Cancer for awhile now, and my family has been preparing for her to go. But, when the time came it was still hard. She was an amazing woman !! So accepting, caring, and loving. Whenever I hear the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".. a smile crosses my lips because I think of her. My amazing family pulled together through it. We spent a lot of time talking, laughing, eating, playing games, and swimming. Even though it was sad and hard, I know that Sue was happy that we were together, celebrating life because of her. I love you SUE !!

Lastly, one of my favorite things that happened this summer.. is my Nellybuns finally calling me Tampa. Nelly has always been a little timid when it comes to me. Now, she runs to me with hugs and kisses in tow. It makes me happy. This video is hilarious because Chris is already in training mode with her. The thing that is hilarious is that she is exactly like him !! Can't wait to see the outcome of it. :)

So all in all.. it was a good summer !! There were sad times, laughs, swimming, loves, kisses, shopping, eating, Vegas shows, godkids, best friends, and family !! What more could a girl ask for.. Not much !! :)