July 28, 2008


I got to watch Phoebe this weekend, my friend Michelle's cute puppy... at first my dog's were a little wary of her..but two days into the watching, her and my Coconut became best buds. They played and loved, it was so cute I had to capture it. Coconut is kinda a beast to other dogs so this was a rare thing... her having a BFF. :>)


Okay, so you know how kids can turn everything or anything into fun !! Well, I am out watering my plants this last weekend, and I tell Porter to put the hose away...I am glad he didn't listen cause my night ended with me spraying him.. and him running around like the spaz that he is... making me laugh.. It was a good time. Thanks Dodo.. never change buddy !!!

July 22, 2008


Bet.. I got your attention... but seriously... I love Carson Kressley.. He is the host for an amazing show called... "How to Look Good Naked". What a great show about how we should love ourselves no matter the way we look or what size we are. It is so uplifting and he is just hilarious.. never thought I would love a gay guy... but, I love him on this show. I can relate too, cause I be voluptuous... :>)


K... so I have been putting this post off... but sorry it has to happen... as embarassing as it is !! I love Buffy... yep have for years... I have all the DVD's... 100's of pictures on my computer... wallpaper, fanart, videos. I have watched them over and over and never get tired of it !! Think what you want of me... but, it is my sickness.. that I share with you !! She is my favorite tragic hero. So hope you enjoy a little part of my sickness. :>)

My two favoritist episodes are "Once More With Feeling", and "Hush" !!! Genious writing on both..

These are some of my favorite wallpapers of Buffy... told you I was obsessed. I have no life.. :>)

This video and song our beautiful... I think I like Buffy so much cause she is a tortured soul...yet she is a champion at the same time. She is a fighter... I can relate. Not that I kill vampires or anything...:>) or do I have a Spike or Angel... I wish !!! But, we all have are own vampires to fight.. everyday... I also love Joss Whedon the writer for this show... He has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and love the good and bad guys... Love him !!

July 21, 2008


So, the days of where I used to get a room with Stace on our family trips has ended.. :( I get to sleep with pops now... not that, that is a bad thing.. don't get me wrong. His snoring just tends to sound like, I think World War II sounded. So being the good pops that he is, he went out and bought some de-snoring band-aids or whatever. :) Parents even have to sacrifice for thirty six year old children... he is a good man. He informs me that I snore now too.. if I do.. I am sure it is a cute snore. :>)


My baby sister got married... can you believe it !! Charlie is an amazing guy.. and I am so glad that my sister found him. They were married in Laguna Beach.. in a gazebo by the sea... gorgeous !! I bahled like a baby, and it was awesome. The judge's cell phone that married them went off during the ceremony... so funny.. but she was a great lady and said some really cool stuff about marriage. And I was glad to meet Charlie's family... they are great people, loved his mom. :>) Click on play to see the wedding....
Click to play Stacy's wedding
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July 20, 2008


There is no place like Disneyland.. when I walk in the doors I am just happy. I am grateful for the memories and fun that I have had over the years there with my family. I am lucky to go as often as I do... just got back from our last trip, and want to share some doo-dads and moments with ya... enjoy. I did !!

My little Indiana.... one of my favorite rides... and one of my favorite boys.. all wrapped up in one. Hutcher even knows the theme song !!

My kinda Prince Charming... Beckham.... Yummy !!

Um.. note to self.. never let Tammi and Carter hold my camera when going on a ride... all I gotta say is WOW !!

Nothing beats Disneyland food.. Hutcher chowed on cotton candy. And a Miller favorite pictured below... Chocolate covered, caramel, marshmallow sticks... yah it's real.. and to die for !! Think we bought like twenty. :>)

In the morning while we were waiting to get into the park... Toy Story Soldiers passed by us doing a jig.... and army stuff... Way cool !!

Mr. Toads Wild Ride....

So Papa bought aviator goggles for the boys... and of course Bubba had to get some too. :>) They were quite a hit on the whole trip !!!

Hutcher was my buddy on this trip... he is such a gentlemen. He helped me out of rides, loved me, and made sure that I was always happy. I am crying remembering it. I took this picture and it is framed on my desk in a Disney frame I bought... cause I always want to remember how he made me feel... loved.. :>) Thanks my Hutcher Buster !!

Aaaaah... cute family walking to Tomorrowland..

Yah... so I am trying to take a cute pic of my fam... and Captain Man Breasts... my bro... is standing in the background. He is the one with the goggles on... Good Hell !!

On of my favorite moments was going on Snow White with Goobs... he was really stressed about which dwarf we would get to ride on. He kept asking me which one we were getting... so I responded "Dorky Dwarf"... which he thought was the coolest.. yah so now he pretty much thinks that one of the dwarfs names are Dorky...:>) Gotta love being an aunt

The fam chillin at California Adventure. The boys loved the rapids ride... and we all loved the new Toy Story ride... It is a 3-D adventure !!

Um... teared up a little when I found this picture of Mickey and Minnie... :)

Vroom.. vroom... Papa and his scooter.. Love my pops

One of our favorites is the Buzz Light Year ride... Tammi always kicks our butt, but Hutcher is close behind :>) In line Hutcher was playing ring toss with Charlie's head... Hutcher is into the games.. and is quite inventive.

Carousel Rides !! Not dizzy at all !!

Gotta love Pirates of the Caribbean.. it is a golden classic !! My other favorite ride... I have been on it a thousand times.. and it never gets old !!!

And... you gotta love Jack !!!

The beauty of Main Street at night... You should see it at Christmas !!!