August 28, 2009

A Plethera of Life

Wow.. Long time no post !! I have been freakin busy !! What is funny though.. is that it is stuff that I just do all the time.. but more of it. :) School started, and the first couple of weeks are always hectic and this year is no exception. But, in between the craziness I still find time to do the things I love. I have captured the last few weeks in some Iphone Candids... Enjoy !! Hope you all had a great start to the school year !!

Went to Olive Garden with my Brookesby and her family to celebrate her birthday. I hadn't seen her in awhile.. so it was great to see her beautiful face !! She was in Hollywood all summer !! My babies.. Her and Kels.. are getting old !! :(

I have been doing two adays for Drivers Ed. I usually only do it once a day, but one of our teachers can't do it anymore.. so I am picking up the load. It is wearing me out !! Man it's just really hard to sit and tell kids where to drive.. and the scenary... well it's just atrocious !! :)

As a teacher we are not supposed to have favorites.. but, I can't help it. There are always certain kids that I teach that I just miss a lot during the summer. Here are two.. that I was excited to see when school started. They make my life at school a blast !! :)

It never ceases to amaze me the things I see, say, or hear as a teacher. As a cheer coach, I have actually had to say these words.... "Do not poop in brownies and give them to people". Yep.. UNREAL !! Well, this picture captures one of those amazed at what I see moments... One of my kids wiped their booger on my wall... REALLY !!!!!!!!????

Fall sports are coming.... I love watching my boys play football !! Porter invited me up to watch him at practice. He is getting sooo big !! It seriously freaks me out. He is so good at football, and is so helpful with all the kids at practice. After practice, Stace and I took the boys to get a burger. They got some fake moustaches out of the vending machines and were very entertaining throughout the whole meal.. as always !!!

And of course, I still watch Tessa once or twice a week. She is a doll... and if I don't see her daily I go through withdrawals. :)

And there is the plethera of my life the last couple of weeks !!

August 17, 2009

Magnificent Merlin

Usually there is nothing on television on Sundays.. but Merlin started this summer and I am loving it !! If you haven't had a chance to see it... set your DVR's. Good stuff !!

August 11, 2009

Arcata Pranks

I went on my annual business trip with my pops to Arcata a couple of weeks ago. I always love going there. The cool weather, the gorgeous countryside, and good company are always a plus to my summer. The ladies that we work with at the hospital are hilarious.. and I always enjoy their company the week I am there. This year we played a little prank on one of the ladies cause she wasn't there our last work day. Seriously, it wasn't my idea... I am not a bad influence at all !! :)

Me and Karen... she has the best laugh, loud and obnoxious.. Sound like anyone else we know?

Dad and Barb

The finished product of the prank :)


Karen putting cat stickers all over Jessie's keyboard !!

Me and Rita Bonita !! Every year Rita and I usually do something one night the week I am there. This year I got to meet her 90 year old Portuguese mother. We watched a spanish soap opera together. She is awesome !!

Jessie is kindof a tree hugger.. recycle... save the planet kindof girl !! So I decorated her cubicle with my wasted printed paper after she rolled it up for me and told me to use the other side !! yah kill the trees !!

August 09, 2009

Some Things Never Change

With the help of Facebook, I have hooked up with a lot of old friends. When I graduated from high school, I moved up here to Utah right away and fell off the face of the earth to most of my friends in Cali. So I announced I was coming down last week, and they had a little shindig for me. It meant a lot and it was great to see some of them. They haven't changed a bit... and reminded me again of how much I am blessed in the friends area.

Think Blue

When Ang and I went to Cali last week. we stayed a couple of nights with my friend Smel. Thursday night we got tickets to go watch the Dodgers play some ball. We had a blast. I got to eat some Dodger Dogs, Pretzels, see Mitch Gaylord throw a pitch, and see my favorite color Royal Blue in action... Seriously what more can a girl ask for.

Disney Favs With Angia

Ang and I went to Disneyland last Monday and Tuesday and had a blast. We stayed in a hole in the wall hotel... $55 a night. It had sticky carpets, oozing walls, and a running, possessed toilet. But we managed, and had a blast. I go to Disneyland often, and each time it just gets better and better. I think because each time I go.. there are just great moments that you have that you take with you. Here are some of my favorites this time...

My favorite moment this time... Ang getting drenched on Splash Mountain... HEE.... I made her sit in front. Yah, I am a good friend. :)

My new favorite things to buy at Disneyland... They have a whole new set of Star Wars Disney Character Statues that are just hilarious. This is one of Goofy as Chewbacca. They also had Donald as Han Solo frozen from Empire Strikes Back, Mickey as Luke Skywalker, and Minnie as Princess Amidala (Spelling?). Very awesome !!

My favorite girl... Angia and me at the Disneyland !!

My favorite new coming attraction at Disneyland... They are making some big changes to Disney California..which I am real excited about. Little Mermaid Ride, Cars Land, and this new Water Show that is supposed to be amazing. I don't doubt it.. cause pretty much everything Mickey touches is freakin awesome !!

My favorite meal at Disneyland... Monte Cristo at New Orleans Square... YUMMY !!

Our new favorite Disney hats !!

My new favorite ride... Toy Story !! Love it, it is like a 3D, arcade, funfest. Ang.. beat my ass ! :)

My new favorite thing to buy from a cart at Disneyland... CORNDOGS !! They rock !! Thanks Jules for the heads up !! :)

My old favorite ride !!

A couple of other favorites were.... Riding the Matterhorn while the fireworks show finale was going on. As we came around a turn, and out of the caves on the Matterhorn.. it was sooo beautiful. We were so close to the fireworks, it was like I could reach out and touch them. Also, Stacy's childhood friend Ginger works at Disneyland so was able to get us VIP seating to watch the fireworks show the next night. My favorite was when Dumbo flew by the castle. I cried... yah... I always do. Thank you Mr. Walt... for your genious mind that gives me Disney Favorites on a regular basis. :)