May 31, 2008


So went and saw a flick... and saw this music video before... it blew me away. Say what you want about war and the bad of it... but the soldiers of now and the past... chose to serve us. I thank the ones of the past, present, and future. Amazing men... protecting me.... Watch the vid.... And then read the words...WOW !!

Song lyrics | Citizen Soldier lyrics

May 30, 2008


So thumbing through one of my friends books and found this quote... I love it. Have to share because it just fits how I feel a lot...

When you come to the Red Sea place in your life
In spite of all you can do
There is no way back, there is no way round
There is no way but through
Then know God with a soul serene
And the dark and the storm are gone
God stills the wind
God stills the waves
God says to your soul "Go On"
----Baird T. Spalding

May 27, 2008


Had my nephews stay over this past weekend... had to capture some highlights..

So as I am doing my business in the bathroom... Goob's brings my camera in and we capture this masterpiece that I like to call... "The Many Faces of Cooper As I Go Potty" :>)


So this is Ang... she has been my best friend for the last fifteen years. Our lives are so parallel.. and she means so much to me. She is always there for me and is the greatest... Yah had to make this picture PG.... :>) But it pretty much captures her. I also added some other stuff that reminds me of her. Love you Ang...

This is us when we are old.... still single... wearing our moo moo's in Hawaii !!!




My cute sister and her man made me swedish pancakes for dinner the other night... It was yummy. Charlie is her man... he is an amazing guy... couldn't ask for anyone better for my little sister. The swedish pancakes hit the spot.. and brought back some memories of the olden days when my mom used to make them for me. They are so good... let me know if you want the recipe.


So today I hung out with the boys for a couple of hours while Tam went to the doctor. Um... my little Coop went potty and I lovingly wiped his buns and told him to put his undies back on... and this is what I got. :>) Gotta love it. Laughed and snorted my guts out.

May 25, 2008


Saw Indiana tonight with Ang... it was freakin awesome... loved it. Definitely your typical Jones flick.... action, supernatural, great one liners, bugs, dead things, car chases, the hat, the whip, the music... loved it !!

May 22, 2008



K so can't help it... I am an adult in love with a fifteen year old looking vampire.... it is pathetic.. but whatever. For those of you that have read the book you are as pathetic as me and will appreciate this post. I can't wait for the movie... and the next book. I screamed like a twelve year old in the movie theatre with Kels when we saw the previews !!! SOOO EXCITED !!! So I thought I would do a tribute. :>)


Some of the awesome quotes from the books...



Today was our last day at school... it was hard.... I had to say goodbye to people I care about. I have taught at some great places... and it never ceases to amaze me what great people I get to work with.... Teachers are amazing people. Blessed am I !!!

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So in the course of my life I have met a lot of people, and had a lot of friends..... but the people below are the type that will always be with me. I met Chan and Andee when I was attending Dixie College... to say we clicked instantly is an understatement... ever since then they have always been there for me. Their kids are amazing and our my official "Mormon Godkids".... I have been through some struggles in the past... and maybe wasn't the best of a friend... but they continued to love and be there for me.... I am grateful to them and for them.

What a freakin STUD !!!!

How cute is Chan... his heart is bigger than his smile if you can believe it !!!

Two of my favorite girls !!

My cute godkids making
a snowman !!

Andal and Carter...
Ma and Son ....

Carter and Chan... aaaah so cute !!

The cutest cheerleader ever !!! My Brian-eeeee!!

Carter under water !!

Will under water !!

Me and "Andal my Love Handle"

May 21, 2008


So a little excited my boy won the Idol !!! Yea for him... and he cried, made him even yummier to me.

DaViD CoOk

david cook!