November 19, 2010

My Nells

This last Monday was my cousin Nells birthday. Me, Dad, Charlie, and Tessarou went over to Chris and Lauren's for some grub and cake. It is her 50th birthday, and I wanted to do a post about her because she is an amazing woman. Some of my best memories of Nells, is driving with her as she blared Juice Newton and rocked out by hitting her steering wheel, while puckering her lips. :) I also remember great times when I lived with her, Julie, and Sue my senior year of high school. Nells has always been there for me. When I first started remembering things with my mom... Nells was there, and although the news was shocking, and unbelievable, she never doubted me or judged me. She was there for me when I went through the temple, to be my side when I took my endowments out. But, when I think of Nells, not only do I think of these things, but I think of a strong amazing woman that has been through so much with her health and her mom... and she has kept her head held high... and shown so much strength !! Nells, I love you very much !! And admire you so much for your strength and courage !! I am proud to be your cousin !!

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The Stoney Fam said...

Tam! Such a nice post about Nell! Can't wait to see everyone this week! lov u!