May 27, 2011

Angels Among Us

I can't believe another school year has come and gone already!! This year at our faculty year end party we lost two amazing ladies to retirement. When I went to college for my education degree.. most of my professors would say the same thing to us future teachers over and over again. "Treat your secretaries and custodians like gold, because they run the schools you will be teaching in." There is so much truth to this, and in the four different schools I have taught in, there have been some amazing men and women that have dedicated their time and service to make my job easier. These two ladies are great examples of this. Susan and Pat are both angels that have always been there for me... whether I needed something for cheer, seniors, or interact, to talk, food, a hug... etc. How blessed I am to have such an amazing job, and work with awesome people. I will miss them soo much, but am grateful for the memories of them both that I will carry with me, as I continue to teach at Dixie High School where there are angels among us. :)

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