December 16, 2010

Angel Storm

So the last couple of weeks I have been bombarded and busy with Angel Tree stuff. Our club provides Christmas for children in need. The kids have been busy planning different activities in hopes to raise some mula. Seriously, if I did not have Mrs. Brandi Sawyers.. I wouldn't make it this month. I am so glad she is here at Dixie with me. I love the spirit of Christmas.. and what it stands for... it definitely comes out when you are running around with your head cut off. We don't get much snow in St. George, but we are getting plenty of Angel Tree, an "Angel Storm" is what I call it. Busy and happy !! :) Good times.. good memories !!

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A video the kids put together for motivation !!


Andee said...

So did Christensen win again?! Don't leave me hanging!!

TAMPA said...

Yes he did !!!!! :)